Silver Flute Home Theater System

This Section Last Updated: 9-28-2006

Well this is the latest project that i have taken up. It is going to be a MTM Center Channel and Mains, plus two way surround speakers.

The woofers are the 5.5" Silver Flutes. For the MTM's i am using the 4 ohm drivers wired in series and the two way i am using the 8ohm Silver Flute.

The reason i did this is the target receiver for this system will only handle a 8ohm load on the channels.

The tweeter is a Vifa D27TG-15-06.

Here are the Bass Box Pro plans that i came up with for each. The plans contain box dimensions and port dimensions. I used the average T/S params in Bass Box. Please note that i cut my front baffle so it is the largest peice of wood. I do this becuase the fit and placement of the woofers is really tight on the baffle. There is barely enough room on the baffle for the drivers. I do not "inset" my front baffle like it shows in Bass Box. If you look at my box building pictures this should make sense.

Heck design your own box shape. The MTM needs .45 cubic ft. (13 liters). The two way needs .272 cubic ft (7.7 liters).

Port Lengths
Two Way: 1.5" diameter x 6.5" Length
MTM: 2" diameter x 4.6" length

2 Way


It was like christmas! 10 woofers and 7 tweeters to play with. The fun part is wiring them all up for a 72 hour break in period.

The basket construction on the Silver Flutes is quite impressive for a $16 driver.

Here you can see the wool cone construction.

I pulled two 4 ohm drivers out from the break in period and measured their T/S parameters. I threw the T/S parameters into BassBox Pro and came up with the following MTM boxes.

4.651 liters15.86 Liters
(0.164 Cu. Ft.)(0.560 Cu. Ft.)
Qtc .707Fb 50.29
F3 114HzF3 58.21
Port 2.1" Diam. 5.2" Long
OD 16.75" x 7" x 4.9"OD 16.75" x 7" x 13.62"

This is after 48 hours of break in. I am going to go another 24 hours and see where the drivers stand. So far it looks like the vented box is going to be the way too go.

It has been 72 hours now and here are the final T/S measurements for all six 4 ohm drivers and four 8 ohm drivers (I am building an extra set of two ways. That is why there are four 8 ohm drivers)

4 Ohm1 2 3 4 5 6
Qes 0.4146 0.444 0.4215 0.3891 0.4292 0.4042
Qts 0.3759 0.4012 0.378 0.3527 0.3803 0.3639
Efficiency 86.25 85.96 86.67 86.63 86.61 86.47
Qms 4.0233 4.1568 3.6586 3.767 3.3387 3.6513
Vas 10.27 10.27 11.04 11.38 9.46 11.38
Fs 53.182 53.182 53.863 51.785 56.798 51.785

8 Ohm 1 2 3 4
Qes 0.5331 0.5272 0.5447 0.5309
Qts 0.4718 0.4664 0.4759 0.4639
Efficiency 84.79 84.28 84.28 84.13
Qms 4.1011 4.0427 3.7705 3.6779
Vas 11.49 11.38 12.22 12
Fs 49.791 47.846 47.203 46.593

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Silver Flute Home Theater System
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