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<:::  01-May-2014
    Misc.      :::>
Lenovo T440s Trackpad

OK i am a big fan of Lenovo laptops. I have had 3 over the last 12 years. I had a T43, T500 and now a T440s. My new T440s i love so far, but the one thing that was really bugging me was the track pad does not have a physical left and right mouse button. You click the pad and depending on where you click it you get a left or right click.

My biggest complaint is I am so used to resting my thumb on the left mouse button while i moved my index finger around the pad it thinks i am trying to do a two finger gesture because i have two fingers on the pad at the same time.

Well i finally found the setting that set me free and allowed me to designate the lower left area of the pad as a zone to not detect gestures. This allowed me to rest my thumb on the lower left of the track pad.

You can find it under the Synaptics Control Panel > Advanced > Smart Check. Look for the green square that you can move around under Gesture Filtering. You can move the bottom of this green area up so the bottom of the track pad will not detect gestures.

<:::  28-Jan-2010
    <CF>      :::>
ActivePDF and Coldfusion

I had time to try ActivePDF's ToolKit dll file with CF8 and here is how i got it working:

<cfset font = "Arial">
<cfset text = "Text From CFM CODE alsjflkdsfajlkjfd">

TK = createObject("COM","APToolkit.Object",expandPath('APToolkitNET.dll'));
name = expandPath(TK.getUniqueFileName());
TK.outputPageHeight = 546;
TK.outputPageWidth = 546;

This code creates a unique file that is 546 points square. Then places some text on the PDF and Image on the PDF at the X-Y coordinates that i specify. X and Y are determined from the bottom left of the PDF.

I cant seem to get it working with a createObject() using .net though. Not sure why.

<:::  28-Jan-2009
    <CF>      :::>
SQL - how to left join on two unioned tables

I wanted to union two tables together then do a left join onto another table. Here is what worked for me.

SELECT unionedTables.*, Users.UserName
SELECT IndividualCurrentFiles.*
FROM IndividualCurrentFiles
WHERE StatusWhen = '1/9/2009'


SELECT VariationCurrentFiles.*
FROM VariationCurrentFiles
WHERE StatusWhen = '1/9/2009'

AS unionedTables

LEFT JOIN Users ON unionedTables.ApproveUserID = Users.UserID
ORDER BY JobNum, FileName Asc

<:::  15-Oct-2006
    Audio      :::>
Parents Home Theater System

Next up is my parents home theater speakers.

Mom and Dad purchased a 60" Sony Grand Wega T.V. It is HUGE! So i had to build speakers for them for the true surround sound experience.

This project is going to be interesting. They first wanted small speakers. Like BO$E size speakers. I briefly toyed with the idea of using a small 3" speaker much like the olives, but i quickly came to the conclusion that 3 and 4 inch drivers just cannot deliver the home theater level of sound. AKA SPL!

After looking at my parents home installation i suggested that we do a floor standing speakers for the front and surround. Then use a small speaker for the center channel.

Stay tuned!

<:::  15-Oct-2006
    Misc.      :::>
Center Island

I am way behind on blogs so tonight i will update the home page.

First up is my center island.

I started this project in August then my appendix decided to leave me and after surgery I am back working on it. Nothing has changed on the center island as of this post. I have the major frame together. Now i need to make 4 drawer boxes, make a top and figure out the wheels that will go underneath it. I purchased all of the hardware so now it is up to woodworking.

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