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<:::  15-Oct-2006
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Parents Home Theater System

Next up is my parents home theater speakers.

Mom and Dad purchased a 60" Sony Grand Wega T.V. It is HUGE! So i had to build speakers for them for the true surround sound experience.

This project is going to be interesting. They first wanted small speakers. Like BO$E size speakers. I briefly toyed with the idea of using a small 3" speaker much like the olives, but i quickly came to the conclusion that 3 and 4 inch drivers just cannot deliver the home theater level of sound. AKA SPL!

After looking at my parents home installation i suggested that we do a floor standing speakers for the front and surround. Then use a small speaker for the center channel.

Stay tuned!

<:::  20-Dec-2005
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How to create your mic calibration file in Soundeasy

I made a new how to on creating the microphone calibration file that you need for doing SPL measurments.

Web Version

Downloadable Version

<:::  29-Nov-2005
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How to measure T/S in Soundeasy

Over the holiday i had time to put together an demo of how to use Soundeasy V11 to measure T/S parameters.

This demo will be the first in a series of other demos on how to use Soundeasy V11.

Measuring T/S in Soundeasy

<:::  28-Aug-2005
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I started working on a new speaker project that has been in my brain for about a year. I wanted to turn a sphere shape from MDF and use this as a speaker box. I ran into a few problems, but nothing that hurt the project too badly.

<:::  01-May-2005
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While i was making the MTM and MT setup for the home theater system i decided i would measure the 8ohm drivers that i used in the surround in the MTM box wire in parallel. This combo IMHO is the best setup for these drivers. You get a solid 90dB response from the loudspeaker when you wire these drivers in parallel.

This crossover design is not tested. I base this design on my Soundeasy measurements. If anyone makes this loudspeaker please let contact me and let me know how things sound.

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