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ActivePDF and Coldfusion

I had time to try ActivePDF's ToolKit dll file with CF8 and here is how i got it working:

<cfset font = "Arial">
<cfset text = "Text From CFM CODE alsjflkdsfajlkjfd">

TK = createObject("COM","APToolkit.Object",expandPath('APToolkitNET.dll'));
name = expandPath(TK.getUniqueFileName());
TK.outputPageHeight = 546;
TK.outputPageWidth = 546;

This code creates a unique file that is 546 points square. Then places some text on the PDF and Image on the PDF at the X-Y coordinates that i specify. X and Y are determined from the bottom left of the PDF.

I cant seem to get it working with a createObject() using .net though. Not sure why.

<:::  28-Jan-2009
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SQL - how to left join on two unioned tables

I wanted to union two tables together then do a left join onto another table. Here is what worked for me.

SELECT unionedTables.*, Users.UserName
SELECT IndividualCurrentFiles.*
FROM IndividualCurrentFiles
WHERE StatusWhen = '1/9/2009'


SELECT VariationCurrentFiles.*
FROM VariationCurrentFiles
WHERE StatusWhen = '1/9/2009'

AS unionedTables

LEFT JOIN Users ON unionedTables.ApproveUserID = Users.UserID
ORDER BY JobNum, FileName Asc

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