Tenacious 3D Printed Driver

I was doom scrolling throught FaceBook one night in the DIY Loudspeaker Project Pad group. Yes; i want to ditch Facebook for so many reasons. One day i will.

Anyway, i came accross a post by Paul Ellis in the group. He was showing his latest progress of making a 3D printed driver. I was intrugied to say the least and i just happened to order a Prusa Mini. At that time it was a 3 month wait to get it delivered. Then the COVID hit and delayed it more. All in all i believe i waited about 5 months for my mini. IT WAS WORTH IT! It is a tiny work horse! It took me a few weeks to get the hang of setting it up and understanding the different filament and their properties.

Once i got the hang of 3D printing I started downloading Paul public parts for the FD51 series. I was making some nice progress and decided to sign up for Paul’s Patreon Page. He had designs for the FD51-PE driver on the Patreon page and i started printing them. It was a learning curve for me. Printing in vase mode and getting things dialed in, but Paul was very generous with his time and helped me out.

One of my first printed FD51-PE drivers
Initial SPL measurement of FD51-PE in a 2.6liter MDF enclosure.

I used Prusament PLA in my first designs for all of the chassis parts. PolyFlex™ TPU95 flexable filament for the spider and surround. Then 3DXTech CarbonX PETG for the cone material.

I was pretty impressed I MADE a working driver! Some magnets, enameled wire, and flexible filament makes for a working driver!

I learned the hard way that PLA is not the best filament for the magnet enclosure. I had two drivers playing music for about 2 hours while I was working on other things when i noticed small smoke plumes coming out from the cone. They melted and i have since switched to Prusament PTEG filament.

Once I got a taste of creating a driver I had to try Paul’s newer design the Tenacious 6. Here is a link to a page I am going to dedicate to my Tenacious 6 driver development.

Tenacious 6 Page

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