CGE Pro Bolt On Stepper Motor Conversion Kit

We have started a company Gray Digital Arts LLC and we are now starting to sell our first kit.

This kit that I am developing is everything you need to install 42mm Nema17 stepper motors directly onto your CGE Pro mount. No modifications to your mount! Just take your OE motors and motor boxes off and bolt these parts on.

  • 5:1 Gear Ratio T12 and T60 gears
  • 200mm belts
  • Stepper Motor Adapter Brackets
  • Motor boxes with covers
  • Stainless steel hardware

How do you then power these motors?

With the OnStep project. I have experience with OnStep with my MicroScope built and the conversion of my own CGE Pro and a friends CGE Pro.Since Celestron has dropped support for the CGE Pro this has caused owners to make decision on what to do with their mount when the motors or encoders die. I have heard that replacement motors cost more then $500 for each motor if you can find them.

You will be able to take those “coffee grinder” OE motors off and replace them with this smooth operating belt driven motors.Some people have concerns on the power of these motors, belts and gears. Well, I am happy to inform you that even the giant Celestron 1400 telescope that weighs more than 40lbs with 40lbs of counter weight this system was able to handle very smoothly and without hesitation.

Want to learn more?

Contact me! I am in the process of improving this system and currently I am working on the best wiring system using the OE cables. I am also working on developing entire OnStep package that will include motors, controller hardware, custom programming of the OnStep software and assembly of OnStep hand controllers.

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My first recorded movement of my CGE Pro with Stepper Motors.

Update! I was able to start testing outdoors. I did a Polar Alignment with PHD and Three Star alignment in Ekos. Tracking was SUPER ACCURATE! Sub 1 arc second tracking! I even tried a 10 minute exposure and it did great!

UPDATE! We have our first set of test motor brackets that were machined in aluminum! More information to come!