Archery League Excel Score Sheet With Handicap and Teams

I have ended up writing my own Excel sheet to keep track of an archery league that I compete in. I could not find anything on the internet that was already created.

The league i compete in does not use classes like Bowhunter, Freestyle etc… It uses an 80% handicap like you would for Bowling to even out the playing field. This league also is grouped into teams of two people.

So I had to put my coding skill to work and I am not the greatest Excel formula coder, but I did learn a lot in this exercise.

I made it in Google Sheets because I like to post the league scores to the members of the league. Of course a cloud shared sheet is perfect for this kind of sharing.

I got a request to convert it to Excel so I did. If anyone is interested in the Google Sheets version let me know.

There are two versions. One requires VBA code becuase it automatically sorts the team scores as you type in the weekly scores. Another does not. If you want the team scores sorted you will have to do it in Excel. The reason being is some people may not want to run VBA scripts in their Excel.

Anyway, I hope someone finds it of use and if you feel it helps your league scoring please feel free to drop me a donation.

2 thoughts on “Archery League Excel Score Sheet With Handicap and Teams

  1. Mike Kalvin

    Hi Chad, I am taking over our local archery club league. The previous person used Microsoft Excel – I do not have not intend to pay for a license.
    You mention you have a google sheets version available?
    I am interested.


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