6 Channel Amp for Soundeasy DE and DF

This Section Last Updated: 1-11-2007

John Krutke tipped the Soundeasy user off to this little gem. It was on Ebay for $29 plus shipping and is perfect for doing Digital Filters and Digital EQ in Soundeasy.

Just to be clear DF is basically emulating your theoretical crossover in Soundeasy. You play a Wav or input source into Soundeasy and the program runs the signal through your crossover. Soundeasy then outputs the changed signal to each sound card output. So output one would be to your woofer, 2 to your mid and Three to your tweeter.

You need an amplifier for each driver and a sound card with many outputs.

That is where this amplifier comes in really handy and at an affordable price.

Here is the amplifier sitting on top of my M-Audio Firewire 410. Talk about a nice small measurment package! Amp, Soundcard and laptop and you are a wicked mobile measurement system!

Here is a back view of running the DIN cable from the back of the amp to the inputs on the Firewire 410 soundcard.

Here is a picture of the DIN cable spliced into 6 separate 1/4" plugs to go to the Firewire 410. All i had in my parts box was 1/4" plugs that were on a 90deg angle. I wish i had all straight to plug into the back of the firewire 410.

The DIN cable appears to be the same as PS2 on a computer. I did not try it, but im sure it is.

Here is the pin out of the cable that came with the amplifier. Your mileage may vary on the wire colors, but this is how it pinned out for me.

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