Silver Flute 2 Way

This project is the one i am currently working on. It is the first one i have done using Speaker Workshop and Sound Easy.

It is based on the Silver Flute YAG20-1 ribbon tweeter and the Silver Flute W20RC38-08 8" Wool Cone driver.

This is the T/S parameters of one of the drivers. My original design was going to be a ported .4 cuft box. After measuring the T/S parameters i found that a Sealed .4 cuft box would actually work much better.

This measurement is with the driver in the .4 cuft box with NO stuffing. Note the FS (F3) is 72.97Hz and the QT (QTC) is .86

This measurement is with the driver in the .4 cuft box with heavy stuffing. Note the FS (F3) dropped to 67Hz and the QT (QTC) is .76

Published T/SMeasured T/S
Fs 30.8 HzFs 35.76 Hz
Qms 1.30 Qms 2.1593
Qes 0.28 Qes 0.5146
Qts 0.23 Qts 0.4156
Vas 83.3 Ltrs Vas 51.28 Ltrs
Sd 0.0214 M2 Sd 0.0214 M2
X-max 5 mm X-max 5 mm
Znom 8 Ohms Znom 8 Ohms
Sensitivity 91 dB Sensitivity 91 dB
Power 100 watts Power 100 watts

Project Sections:
Silver Flute 2 Way
1. Silver Flute Project Measurements
2. Silver Flute Crossover Notes
3. Listening and Crossover Notes

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