Jensen P15LS

This Section Last Updated: 5-31-2005

I found a Jensen P15LS on ebay so i am one step closer. To what? Im not sure yet.

It is an interesting driver. I have had little experience with vintage drivers, but i am impressed with the build quality.

Treated paper cone, fabric surround, stamped steel basket and a very heavy magnet.

The total suspension seems very stiff.

The stamped steel basket is pretty run of the mill.

You can see some of the stamped ID numbers on the basket and cone.

I have seen vented pole pieces before, but i have never seen one in the dust cap itself. There is a little bit of wool covering the hole. The magnet back is completely sealed.

Here is a good shot of the fabric surround.

Last but not least here are the T/S parameters of the drivers.

Re: 10 Ohms
Qes: .1728
Qts: .1661
Effciency: 98.80
Qms: 4.3172
Vas: 252.3 Lt
Sd: 745 cm2
Fs: 35.78

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1. Jensen P15LS

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