Silver Flute Crossover Notes

Woofer 0, 15, 30, 45 degree off axis measurements.

Woofer and Tweeter 0, 15, 30, 45 degree off axis measurements.

This is my first version with a SE optimized 4order L/R crossover. We will call it X-over 1. Note the rise from 9k to 20k.

The red lines are the targets for the hi and low filter. The blue line is the result of SE optimizing the networks. This is for X-Over 1

Here is the second version of the crossover (X-Over2). Note i removed L3 because it was too small and not needed, combined C5 with C2 (so i added 3.3uF to C2), removed L11 and added an inductor in series between C10 and the Tweeter. These modifications were from a recommendation from John Kreskovsky from the SE email list.

The inductor (L10) in series with the tweeter allowed me to lower the rise from 9k to 20k.

If you want a side be side comparison of X-over 1 and X-over 2 i got fancy with an animated GIF image

This graph is color coded:
Red:Response filtered by X-over2
Blue: Original woofer (no filter)
Green: Original tweeter (no filter)
Yellow: Hi and Low optimization targets (4th order L/R)

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