Raspberry Pi K8S Cluster

Kubernetes Cluster On Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi K8S Cluster

This is a summary of my attempt to get microK8S running on 4 Raspberry Pi 4s. I ran into problems with just the fourth node. It would continue to crash after starting, but i did get three Raspberry Pi Model 4’s to cluster.

Now i am wondering about each PI’s time/date. I need to look into syncing them to a time server so they all have the same time/date. This could be causing a problem with certificates…

This project was fun, but not really worth the effort. It did prime me to catch on to MiniKube much faster. The Pi’s don’t have the power and stability for any kind of production use. So if you PC can host a Ubuntu VM it best to learn K8S using MiniKube on a VM.

Link to the project page…

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