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Q: I get an error message (no rokey) or something to that affect. Is that due to a licensing issue and I'm trying to install it on a second machine, or is it a software support issue (XP on laptop, and ME on PC)?

A: Sounds like you need to get a more recent version of the Rockey software for your operating system. There is also software for Vista.

Q:How do i wire my probes for RCA cables?

A:See this image:

Q:How do i wire my system for T-S Measurments?

A:Please view this series of images that detail the setup at various stages of testing: Probe Detail Calibration Taking the Measurment

Q:How do i wire my system for SPL measurments?

A:Please view this image for a description of the wiring SPL Wiring

Q:How do i calculate the time window needed for SPL measurments

A:To do this we need to pull out the old Pythagorean Theorem a2 + b2 = c2.If your ceiling height is the smallest dimension and is 2 meters and the driver is in the center (1 meter high) and the microphone is 1 meter from the speaker. So we know A and B so we need to solve for C.

12 + .52 = c2

1 + .25 = √1.25

c = 1.12M

So the path length from the signal that is reflected off of the ceiling or floor is 2.24M. The path length from speaker to mic is 1M. So the difference in paths is 1.24M. Divide this by the speed of sound 345 m/sec and we get a 0.00359 meter per second window or 3.59 millisecond time window.Illustration of Measurments

Q:What is the lowest frequency that i will be able to measure in my room?

A:Using the equation f = 1 / t the time we found in the above question 0.00359 corresponds with approximately 279 Hz. This represents the lowest frequency that the data will be accurate in this room.

Q:Where can I have a microphone calibrated?

A:One source for microphone calibration services is Kim Girardin. Here is his information.

Kim Girardin
Wadenhome Sound
1400 Homer Rd. Suite 2
Winona, MN, 55987, USA
Phone: 507-454-8844