This Section Last Updated: 9-30-2005

The subwoofer for this project is based on a Dayton 295-300 5.25" shielded driver and the Madisound Keiga KG-3100 2.1 media amplifier.

Sub Details:
Driver is a Dayton 295-300 5.25" Sheilded
Flare port is 7.5" long
F3 53Hz
Fb 36Hz
Vb .8 cu. ft.

I felt no bracing was required for this box. The little 5.25" drivers delivers just enough low end to match up with the TB 881's. They really dont push the 3/4" MDF to the limit.

I also dont show stuffing. I will be using a light layer of Acousta Stuff on the top and side panels. Be careful not to over stuff this box.

Here is a good picture of the box guts. I am using a flared port. I had to trim the flange on the flare on the inside of the box because it was going to hit the top of the box.

Here is a detailed view of how i recessed the driver. I used a 1/2" round over bit to round over the hole which leaves a 1/4" of flat. So i basically trimmed away the 1/4" of flat so the curved edge runs right into the driver. See the below picture for a food view of how the curve of the 1/2" round over meets up with the driver.

Here is a picture of the Amp. I am really happy with it. It is a perfect fit for this project and really delivers the right right amount of power for near field listening like i will be doing with this setup.

I used a black hammer finish for the sub.

Project Sections:
The Olives
1. Turn Baby Turn
2. Olive Tuning
3. Listening and Crossover Tweaking
4. Square vs. Round
5. Subwoofer
6. Olive Painting
7. Finished Project

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