Near and Far Measurments

This Section Last Updated: 5-1-2005

Woofer near measurement. The gray line is without the weight.

Middle passive near measurement. The blue line is without weight

Top passive near measurment. The orange line is without weight.

Comparison of total near plus far responses compared. The purple line is without weight.

As you can see with the added weight the response smooths out nicely. I think the smoother response is worth it in the long run.

With Weight:
Box Tuning: 28Hz
F3 of about 47Hz

With Out Weight:
Box Tuning: 35Hz
F3 of about 35Hz

When i get some time i am going to half the weight and double the weight on the PR's and see what kind of results i get in comparison to these responses.

Project Sections:
Playing With Passives
1. Near and Far Measurments

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