Final Listening Notes

This Section Last Updated: 4-15-2005

The final MTM design with stained veneer.

Center channel

Two way final

After all was said and done this home theater setup really worked out well. The nice compact size of the speakers and over all sound quality is amazing. The balance between the speakers is excellent. In my room I did not need to adjust the levels of any of the speakers. The stereo imagine is superb. The only weakness of the speakers would be a slight lack of low end, but that is what the subwoofer is for in a home theater system.

The Silver Flute drivers are well constructed, but as you can see by the T/S measurements the build consistency is not very good. Of course there was not enough variation to really cause much concern. The Vifa D27TG tweeter is a classic. It never fails to perform and is easy to integrate into a two way with to a 2.5k crossover point or higher.

The crossovers were not extremely complex to get the woofers to work with the tweeters, but a lot of resistance was needed to bring the Two Way tweeters down to the SPL level of the 8ohm woofers. They came in under $30 for each crossover since I used Jantzen 18 Gauge Air Core inductors and Solen poly capacitors.

In retrospect I have no major regrets. If I had a chance to change something it might be the crossover point on the speakers. I targeted 3500 and I could have gone lower on both MTM and Two Way. Just to get a little further away from the woofer break up. I can't think of anything else that I would change on this project. Everything worked out really well and went according to plan. There were no major surprises.

I built this system for a buddy of mine and here are his comments after listening for a few weeks:

"They are fantastic speakers. I watch HBO in HDTV and the sounds the speakers pickup in the shows, Deadwood comes to mind, is in great detail. You can hear everything. The surround speakers have prompted me to get up and see if someone is in the house, more than once!

The speakers are so good, I can hear the "breath" a newscaster takes before they deliver the next sentence!


My brother put a twist on the surround speakers and layed down this extreme veneer on his set of speakers. It is called marquetry. Basically making pictures with different veneers.

You can see more of his wood working projects at his web site

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