Listening and Crossover Tweaking

This Section Last Updated: 10-10-2005

I decided to start examining whether or not the 9K-20K region could be tamed a bit more. I don't want the crossover to be too complex. I want to keep it simple. The rise from 9K to 20K is what concerned me. It was almost a 5dB rise.

I also wanted to preserve the 6K-8K region. I don't want it to go any lower then it already was.

When i first started listening to the Olive with my powered subwoofer filling in the 140Hz and lower range i kept hearing break up around 8K-10K. I would run a sweep and everything was sounding good until it got into the 8-10K range. Once past this range everything was fine again.

My initial response was to blame the crossover and that 10-20K region. I thought it was pushing the driver past it's limits.

So i started lowering that range with a .10mH inductor and a .20mH inductor.

Crossover Number 1
Here is the measured crossover response (red) with Soundeasy's predicted response (black) for the original crossover.

Crossover Number 2
This is the response with a .10mH inductor after the RLC component. The inductor brings things down some.

Crossover Number 3
This is with a .20mH inductor. The inductor really brings the response down but also brings the 5K-10K range down much further then i wanted it to.

What i ended up figuring out is my break up that i kept hearing was from the driver mounting in the cabinet. I was going in the complete wrong direction by adjusting the crossover.

I had some rope caulk on hand that i use for sealing the driver in the cabinet. As soon as i added that the break up (vibration) was gone.

Now what i still have to decided is what crossover to use for the final product. I am going to use crossover 1 for right now. As i listen to it over time i might toss in the .1mH inductor that i used in crossover 2.

After listening for a while i have stuck with crossover number 1.

I have the parts on order to build the subwoofer that will go with the Olives. To give you a preview i will be using the Dayton sheilded 5.25" (295-300) driver in a vented .8ft^3 box aiming for an F3 of 36Hz. I will also be using the KG-3100 2.1 Media Amplifier (50W & 2x 25W) that Madisound sells. This unit will power both the Olives and the subwoofer.

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