Finished Project

This Section Last Updated: 10-10-2005

Well here she is. The finished system that i will be taking to DIY Dayton this weekend. I went all the way into the olive theme. Red dust caps for pimentos and some martini glass stands.

The overall sound is very good. Very balanced. The TB 881' match up very well with the little 5.25" sub. It is actually pretty amazing the amount of bass that i am getting out of the little sub. There is more then enough to go around. The sound quality of the TB 881 is very good. Very smooth and natural sound. No harsh forward sound.

The system excels with Acoustic guitar and piano. Female vocals really sound good. It even handles the rock and roll very well.

I have no regrets other then the entire painting fiasco. The system sounds excellent and quite a conversation piece at work.

Project Sections:
The Olives
1. Turn Baby Turn
2. Olive Tuning
3. Listening and Crossover Tweaking
4. Square vs. Round
5. Subwoofer
6. Olive Painting
7. Finished Project

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