Box Building

This Section Last Updated: 12-10-2004

After measuring the T/S parameters i plugged them into BassBox Pro and come up with final box dimensions.

Box Dimensions (PDF)

I made my assebly line and started by routing the lip that the drivers will sit on. The woofers i used a half inch straight cutting bit in the router. The Tweeter needed a larger lip. So i used a three quarter inch bit.

Once the lip is cut on all the boxes i started cutting the inner hole out. This can be done with a jig saw, but i prefer the accuracy of the router with a small quarter inch bit.

I really like the overall dimensions of this two way book shelf speaker.

I still need to route out the vent holes for each box. Once i get the vent holes in and vent tube installed it will be time to start measuring the speakers with Soundeasy.

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Silver Flute Home Theater System
1. Box Building
2. Near Field Measurments of Two Way
3. Near and Far Measurements of Two Way
4. Crossover Notes on Two Way
5. MTM Design
6. Final Listening Notes

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