Turn Baby Turn

This Section Last Updated: 8-27-2005

Well as you can see i was able to turn an Olive shape out of the wood. The perfect sphere was not possible with two layers of 3/4" MDF. Even turning an Olive shape out of the wood was problematic. Below i will detail what i ran into.

After rounding all the corners off so i was in the shap of drum. I started getting serious about making a capsule shape out of the wood. I routed out the lip that the driver will sit on while the box was still square. Then flipped the box so i was turning the front face.

I was not paying much attention to what i was doing on the front face and next thing i knew i broke into the inner cavity. I should have been more careful and stopped my turning more frequently to verifiy my depth. The front face i only had one layer of 3/4" MDF so there was not much to work with.

So rather then toss out the box i repaired it with 1"x1"x1" peice of MDF glued into the corners of the inner box. This will reduce my inner dimensions some, but not enough to make a big difference in response.

This is what it looked with with the cubes inserted into the holes. I had an olive with horns.

Here it is with the horns knocked off and driver inserted.

You can see why i had to go with the name "The Olives".

One of these days i will be doing this design again using many layers of 1/4" Dyed MDF. Then layering the box up with different colors of Dyed MDF so the final product will be a swirl and rainbow of colors.

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The Olives
1. Turn Baby Turn
2. Olive Tuning
3. Listening and Crossover Tweaking
4. Square vs. Round
5. Subwoofer
6. Olive Painting
7. Finished Project

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