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<:::  21-Sep-2004
    Audio      :::>
SoundEasy T/S Cliff Notes

I got tired of reading and re-reading John Kreskovsky's SoundEasy tutorial because i could not remember the exact process to take T/S measurements.

So i abridged the tutorial and made a check list of steps

<:::  10-Sep-2004
    Audio      :::>
SoundEasy Jig

I got tired of re-arranging my test probes and wires when taking measurements with SoundEasy. So I built this simple little jig.

<:::  08-Sep-2004
    Audio      :::>
Silver Flute Project

I posted a new project that i am working on. It is a two way speaker made with Silver Flute drivers from Madisound.

<:::  03-Sep-2004
    Misc.      :::>

Well i have finally put my web site up. The only thing on it are a couple of old speaker projects i did for my brother.

More speaker projects to come and information about my experiences with Speaker Workshop and Sound Easy.

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